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Lanescape inspires community connectivity to arts and culture through vibrant evolving spaces and places.


Proud recipients of the Australia Day Award for Community Event of the Year for the Goondiwindi Region in 2020.   

We are a community group on a mission to create an annual public art event which promotes art and culture, supports tourism, increases the liveability of the Goondiwindi area and improves community participation in arts and culture across the region.


Since starting in 2018, each year the Lanescape Group  has  focussed  on  creating  public  art  work  throughout  the  town  with  the  intention  of  creating  an art  trail.  It is expected that this will continue annually.

The  concept  will  be  supported  by  an opening  festival  event  to  unveil the  art  and  celebrate our future plan for Lanescape - this years event will be held on Friday 16th October.

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