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Leans (Sam Wilkinson) is an artist based in Brisbane, Australia.

His work is influenced by his daily intake of the Internet, the people that surround him, the manmade environment, the past, the future, and everything in between. His work invites the viewer into an abstract interpretation of the architectural world. There are no boundaries like physics or gravity.

Leans strives to create entities that can be seen by the viewer on numerous occasions and enjoyed in alternative ways on each visit. He believes that through the use of new technology, he will be able to achieve this on a much more eminent level than with traditional techniques.

Leans hopes in the future he will be able to create worlds inside of virtual reality where people can be immersed in the lush and vibrant insides of his imagination. The way in which Leans creates his artwork is much like an ecosystem. There are only reactions and evolutions according to what came before. Starting with one element, the puzzle adapts and unfolds. Colour and form must interact with each other until there is harmony.
Leans is humbled by the journey his art has started him on and is now dedicated to exploring the depths of his maturing mind.

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