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Growing up on a property near Moree in Northern NSW Kate travelled extensively with her work in fashion, but it was the space living rurally allows both mentally and physically which saw her settle with her husband in the area to raise their two boys.

In 2018 Kate built her studio, which she considers her sanctuary “a purpose built oasis of peace and positivity, where I can scribble and splash my emotions onto canvas." Kate paints intuitively from impressions of her memories of things seen around her daily and in her travels. Always starting by playing with colours on paper to find a palette which appeals, as she paints the work takes on a life of it’s own and dictates a certain path which is never apparent from the start. Having always felt compelled to create, Kate has tried her hand at many things, including fashion, homewares and food, but is

now enjoying painting exclusively.

Part of Kate’s creative process is working quickly to capture spontaneous gestural marks using acrylic paints, which dry quickly. Large brushes help to facilitate this. Scribbling with graphite and oil sticks or scratching back through layers of paint offer an experience of freedom and exhilaration during the work.

In many Kate Owen works you will find the use of collage. This is a favourite medium for Kate which she finds incredibly therapeutic and satisfies her need to arrange forms to create a visually pleasing aesthetic.

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Sarah Sculley is a Sunshine Coast-based urban artist who creates bankst-style stencils works with a kick of colour and energy. Inspired by the female form, typography and colour, Sarah mixes these elements to create her work on canvas, paper, surfboards, walls and skate decks. She is inspired by personal

events, emotional pitfalls and the constant need to find the positive in every situation.

Sarah has now been in the creative art space for over 15 years. She studied a Bachelor of Design Studies majoring in Graphic Design and Visual Culture at the Queensland College of Art and received a scholarship from Griffith University to study abroad at the Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. Since

starting to exhibit her work in 2005, she has held international solo and group shows in China, USA, Nepal and Indonesia, and has been regularly featured in

Australian art shows..