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Completed in 2021 by This Bird

This Bird – Tia Carrigan, has designed and painted vibrant and brightly coloured local birdlife. The birds, both common and unusual, fly, perch and pose atop a wrap-around pattern of native flora to create a public facility like no other.


Tia hand painted each bird’s common name to encourage bird and art enthusiasts to engage with and enjoy our local birdlife, in a rhythmic explosion of colour, texture and pattern.


The birds, poised in characteristic gestures are complemented with pink flowering gum, gumnut foliage and yellow wattle that floats seamlessly on a sea of turquoise.


The birds grasping foliage make a symbolic reference to her connection to the Goondiwindi community. This visual gesture pays homage to her local heritage and the community support she has received from many local people and students from the Goondiwindi State High School, as well as others who painted under her guidance and are testament to the spirit of our supportive community.


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