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Completed in 2018 by Kate Owen

This shipping container in Bowen Lane provided a blank canvas for artist Kate Owen.

Her use of bright bands of colour in keeping with the original geometry of the structure juxtapose the rusting patina of the weathered urban surface.


The container in Bowen Lane having a beautiful patina accumulated over many years – which speaks volumes about the comings and goings in the lane – Kate wanted to preserve as much of it as she could while at the same time adding a vibrancy to celebrate the exciting new Lanescape project.


The stripe design has a feeling of old layers being peeled back to reveal a fresh new look, even the process of creating it feeding into this concept – the taped edges of the painted area accidentally using the wrong tape which lead to an extra layer of the old patina being taken off which adds a shadow to the edges of the design – making it look more three dimensional, like you're looking into a new and exciting container within the old.


Every colour is equal, and they work in harmony to accomplish beauty. It's about reinventing oneself whilst remembering where we came from.


Also, in keeping with the Lanescape mission statement of enhancing community spaces and places through engaging with the arts – Margot Hawker from the Lanescape Committee conceived the Goondiwindi lettering atop the container to provide an opportunity for audiences to engage and identify with place through photography opportunities.


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