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Completed in 2021 by Leans

Echo – an artwork by Leans, creates a layered snapshot of the natural environment, shedding light on the key factors that make Goondiwindi a place of home.


Non-literal, references depict an eco-system of patterns and imagery that reverberate as a place of welcoming. Abstract pathways, stylized landscapes, and concentric patterns, culminate to create a sense of place and mark a gateway for visitors on the river walk to encourage human connection. Hues of soft blues and calm pinks and purples herald the glorious Goondiwindi sunsets as shapes and forms connect the architectural structures of the site. The visual elements harmoniously amalgamate; the corrugated walls of the pump shed, the walkway and railings, and the seat.


Within a concentric composition, Sam Leans’ design, echoes the importance of co-existence and connectivity and ultimately the pride and heart within the Goondiwindi community.


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