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Completed in 2019 by Sarah Sculley & Kate Owen

Artists Kate Owen and Sarah Sculley are connected through their love of vibrant colour in a contemporary context. With Sarah’s city street art influences and Kate’s abstract interpretation of our rural surroundings they wanted to create a visually exciting mural for Goondiwindi locals and travellers to connect to and interact with that represents the spirit of the community.


The mural was painted in October 2019 during a severe drought, the artists feeling it vital to provide the town with an artwork that evoked a positive and uplifting emotional response which could potentially help balance the stressful effects of drought on the wellbeing of the community.


Kate and Sarah chose to depict the landscape through use of colour and form – representing the river that is an integral part of the Goondiwindi community and its history – with vibrant turquoise being overlayed with local birdlife, reflecting Goondiwindi as the ‘resting place of the birds’.


The combination of a colourful organic abstract landscape and strong, stencilled images conveys who both are as artists, their practices, and their interpretation of sense of place.

@kowenart @sculleydesign

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