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Completed in 2018 by Ian Tremewan

Ian Tremewan’s ‘Under One Big Sky’ is a work that reflects the interest he feels for light, space and shadow. His abstract interpretation of the amorphic shapes of nature in the local area, coupled with his design and composition, enable him to present his work with a view that is distinctly his own.


“As an artist, I can experiment with many aspects and combinations. I’ve always been fascinated by the psychedelic colours hidden in rainforests. For me, these elements invite abstraction, where a shape, along with colour and texture, defines an object.”


In keeping with this philosophy, this mural features the abstract patterns of the crops in the fields, the intense colours of the local flora, the unique textures found in and along the Macintyre River, and the voluptuous shapes and shadows in our expansive sky.


“There now appears to be a refreshing openness emerging in the art world. I feel there is a freedom to stretch and explore ideas and alternatives like never before using mediums and concepts that are expanding the world of art and design.”


Tremewen’s view of ‘Under One Big Sky’ captures the detailed patterns of our industrious agricultural world beneath velvety clouds in a crystal blue sky. Ironically one cloud delivers a rain drop, perhaps of hope, as this work brought hope and energy to Bowen Lane during a time of extreme drought.

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