Growing up on a sheep property, Tia Carrigan, a 5th generation on the land, with its big skies, wide open spaces and a landscape that is simply less rather than more, she was immersed in nature. Life was lived through the seasons of the land, drought and flood, animals and the environment. Farm life instilled resilience and the importance of connection – to land, to her community, and to her imagination.

Now, with a flourishing art practice based in the Noosa Shire, Tia has built her very own creative world, a world that Tia dreamt of and imagined from childhood until now. This grew from a childhood spent painting horse troughs, farm vehicles and shearing sheds in rural New South Wales, followed by the pursuit of a career in fashion and design.

Tia’s bush childhood was contrasted with being surrounded by outlandish regalia, sequins and feathers from her grandmother and mother, sewers designers and makers – a visual feast – shaping her imagination and creativity. The machinery shed where her innovative father would repair, build and design all manner of contraptions for working life on the land, was a favourite space. The makers in her family taught Tia, when creating it yourself there are no rules, being only limited by her own


Arming herself with a paintbrush Tia carved out bits of ‘prettiness’ in a challenging landscape – bringing a smile to her Dad’s stressed, working face, painting flowers on dreary, drab-coloured farm items. Art gave her a voice; a way of expressing herself without using words. Tia learnt the power of wielding that paintbrush, the happiness her art could elicit and the joy it could bring to others - rugged, hard-working, tough men giggling at flowers painted on their stalls while shearing hundreds

of sheep. The grounded upbringing and connection to a simple yet hard life on the land, combined and contrasted with the ‘making’ part of her psyche and the creative freedom that was fostered. This combination fed a hungry imagination, a connection with nature and her own abilities, and a big dream attitude. Ultimately, this was a glimpse, a snippet; a hint of the life she would end up creating for herself. A world in which she could flourish.

Artist Statement

The mural features local birdlife, both common and unusual, to the Goondiwindi area as defined by the Goondiwindi Regional Council’s Bird Watching Brochure. The artwork will be brightly coloured, feature repeat patterned background, a signature of Tia’s, and predominately showcase the brightly coloured patterned birds of the area. Each bird will feature only once and will have its common name labeled next to it so viewers can identify each bird and perhaps become aware of the local birdlife for future reference.

To complement the birdlife, pink flowering gum, gumnuts and yellow wattle foliage and flowers will be added. In many instances, the foliage will be grasped by the birds, symbolising the giving and supportive community spirit of the local area.



I am an imaginative and passionate creative, enthusiastic about contributing to the betterment of my community by

injecting colour into the world, contributing and giving back where I can and genuinely making others smile.

I have been painting since I was young and upon leaving school, I took up study and pursued a career in the fashion

industry. After immersing myself in fashion for over a decade, whilst painting canvases and pursuing art solely as a hobby, I

decided to embrace my passion and explore the pathway of exhibiting and selling my art. As well as my art, I have taken to

transferring my paintings and images to fabric, incorporating my fashion background, and creating art printed clothing and

homewares. My mission is to share my passion for colour, pattern and bold imagery through my artwork. Ultimately, I love

the creative industries and the ability to express my thoughts, experiences and feelings through vibrant creations that the

world can share in.